Brief presentation of Seeds for Happiness Centre

Under the slogan “Be Happy in the Present!” Seeds for Happiness Centre’s purpose is to spread the Buddha’s teachings (the Dharma) in Romania, and encouraging its’ members to find the sources of authentic happiness in their daily lives, for their benefit and the benefit of all sentient beings.

The Centre is cooperating with and supporting the activity of various Buddhist organizations and individuals who are willing to create a presence in Romania for the benefit of the Dharma and the Romanian people.

Seeds for Happiness Centre is a fully-independent Romanian entity, registered with the Romanian authorities as a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization (N.G.O.), under the unique registration code-number 25662364.

It is not affiliated to any organization from Romania and abroad, and is totally independent, financially and in any other way, from any other judicial entity.

Preserving this independence is a key priority for us, in order to be able to fulfill the Centre’s mission, which is promoting the Dharma in Romania, irrespective of tradition.



Seeds for Happiness Spiritual Centre was founded by Mihai Popa-Radu and inaugurated in the spring of 2009, in a new location in downtown Bucharest. Soon it became the hub for those interested in learning about Buddhism and/ or developing their spiritual practice.

From small-group activities up to conferences, we have a constant flow of events, including:

  • Dharma teachings offered by monks from the Tibetan, Theravada and Zen traditions;
  • Dharma Workshops organized with various experienced spiritual lay practitioners;
  • Weekly meditation classes;
  • Weekly mandala classes;
  • Weekly sessions of Tong Shu (a physical discipline inspired by Tai Chi, Qigong and modern kinetotherapy);
  • Buddhism courses;
  • Tibetan Buddhism Studies program consisting of an integrated course of four talks designed to acquaint the newcomer with the basic fundamentals of Buddhism;
  • Creation of a large library with over 1,500 books, CDs and DVDs available to the SFH Members, containing books from publishers such as Wisdom Books, Shambala Publications, Parallax Press, White Lotus and Snow Lion
  • Publishing of a weekly Newsletter that promotes the Centre’s events;
  • Discussion groups to further enhance the exchange of ideas among those interested in the Dharma;
  • Monthly screenings of various TV documentaries and feature movies on Buddhist and spiritual development topics;
  • Different personal development courses facilitated by some of the best coaches and trainers.



The Seeds for Happiness Centre is located on two floors of a new building in Bucharest. The premises were donated by the Founder of the Centre and his wife, as a “gift to the community” and a sign of appreciation for their fortunate present existence. They have also provided the money for furnishing the entire space and what was needed in order to have an exquisite place for organizing unique, special events.

On the ground floor, which has approximately 100 square meters, there are:

  • a reception area;
  • the administrative office (which also serves sometimes as a guest-room for guests who come and teach at the Centre);
  • a meditation room (which can accommodate up to 25 people);
  • the library (which has over 1,500 books, DVDs, audio, magazines that are available for Center members), that it is also used for various group meetings of up to 15 people.

On the first floor (about 150 square meters), there are:

  • a large conference hall which can accommodate up to 100 people (including professional audio & video system)
  • a foyer together with a wardrobe, a little kitchen and three rest-rooms.